Networking Solutions

Our skilled professionals have a thorough knowledge of all components of global networking and procedures for cabling infrastructure installation.

TrilliumPC has been designing, building, and installing computer networks since 1993. Serving as all or part of your organizations IT department, we can insure that your technology investment plays a major role in achieving your business goals.

The need to create and share information from networked computer systems is playing a vital role in an organizations ability to compete effectively. Network Support Plans from TrilliumPC help maintain the performance of your network and identify areas that may need improvement or attention to avoid costly down-time.

Pro-Active Network Services Network Support Plans enable TrilliumPC engineers to become and integral part of your network. Many organizations cannot justify creating or expanding internal technology expertise. PC Net can fill the role of assisting your existing IT resource, or function as your IT department. We can bring a multitude of resources from the technology industry to your organization. TrilliumPC maintains partnerships with the computer industries leading vendors. Let us bring those partnerships to you.

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