Onsite Technical Support

Years of experience combined with certification by product manufacturers have made Trillium’s technicians among the finest in the Lower Mainland area. TrilliumPC has earned a reputation for quality performance and expert knowledge.

TrilliumPC is dedicated to customer success and brings vast product knowledge and experience to our partnerships with our customers. Our services organization provides your team with a single point of access for all Trillium's technical expertise and engineering resources. This highly integrated team is designed to ensure that you increase the overall effectiveness of your investment and gain maximum Return Of Investment by providing education, customer support and consulting services.

The Technical Support group at TrilliumPC takes advantage of our unparalleled expertise in technical support to help ensure that our customers' questions, issues and ideas are captured and quickly addressed to maintain ultimate efficiency and effectiveness of any Product Suite or installation.

TrilliumPC is committed to leveraging our expertise in technical support to help you maximize your support infrastructure investment. We provide dependable and timely resolution to your technical questions and can offer 24x7x365 support. We also offer multilingual support for our international customers. Our technical support group is more than just a call center. It's a group of highly trained engineers who excel at resolving complex technical issues. Every customer inquiry is tracked and managed through our automated system to ensure mission-critical problems are quickly resolved. And we communicate with you every step of the way so you always know where we are in the resolution process. Our service philosophy is to provide the best information and solutions, in order to keep your support infrastructure up and running.

For more information about our technical support team and services, or to contact technical support, please email or call us:

Email: support@trilliumpc.com
Phone: 604-639-2988